At Yellowstone Harley-Davidson we believe that it's not a fancy paintjob or loud exhaust that makes a bike truly unique. It's in the little things that only the owner or a true enthusiast would notice and appreciate. The details are what win competititons. The details are what make you proud at the end of the day.

Inner Forks

Inner forks we milled down to accommodate the wider tire. Forks were painted by McGinley Motorsports.


Assembled with Harley-Davidson hubs. Set up with a 1200C front and Softail rear. Custom painted and lettered.

Number Plate

Hand fabricated with a Dark Custom King Logo painted by McGinley Motorsports

Fuel Tank

Sporty Tank made to fit like a glove with a new tunnel, new fuel pump location, and pocket fabricated to accommodate the radiator fill cap.


One of a kind and the first ever turbo to be put on a H-D Street motorcycle. The exhaust is actually the stock exhaust repurposed and built to fit our turbo for a factory look.

Tail Section

Re-used the stock tail section after some fabrication for the tail light. Integrated and fabricated side panels.


Stock seat pan cut down and re-shaped. Leather wrapped by Paul Robinson of Belgrade, MT.


Drilled, extended, and painted

Chain Drive

Dished rear sprocket from the shovelhead era with a 530 race chain.


Building bikes out of Bozeman, Montana