Creative use of original Harley-Davidson parts and accessories was an important piece for us on this build. There are many parts of this build that are actually take-offs from other Harley-Davidson models, and others are the Street 750 original parts but modified for our build.

Grips & Pegs

Stock handlebars modified to be in-line with the inspiration for the build. We used the Silencer collection for the grips, shifter pegs, foot pegs, and brake pedal.

LED Headlight/Handlebars

Headlight is a 4-inch Daymaker passing lamp in gloss black.

Fuel Tank

Repurposed Sportster fuel tank with modified fuel pump. Topped off with flush mount Harley-Davidson pop-up gas cap in gloss black.

Cover Accessories

The bike utilizes Harley-Davidson Axle Caps, Pivot Covers, and Dark Custom Logo covers throughout.

Tires / Rotors

Using the larger tires was a key factor to stay in-line with the old board tracker look. We chose to use tires from a Softail Breakout and Harley-Davidson Vivid Black Floating Rotors.

Tail Light / Sidemount License Plate

Using the sleek Sportster Chopped Fender Edge Light and sidemount license plate off of a Softail Breakout, we were able to clean up the back end and give it a factory racer look.


Building bikes out of Bozeman, Montana