We Are Team Yellowstone Harley

Sticking with our Montana roots, love of Harley-Davidson, and wanting to do something truly iconic and innovative for the new Street series motorcycle, we present to you, "The Barn Find". Custom built parts, genuine H-D parts, custom paint, pinstriping, lettering, and an eye opening turbo, this board-tracker inspired bike is built to impress the classic Harley-Davidson enthusiast while enjoying some new school tricks for the more modern riders.

Alex Stewart

Build Lead

Our Build Leader, Alex Stewart, is also our service manager and has been with Yellowstone Harley-Davidson his entire adult working life. Crucial to basically every aspect of the build, Alex knows what can and can't be done and how to do it right.

Josh Fry


Josh grew up in Harley shops and is the owner of Yellowstone Harley-Davidson. Finding our inspiration in this build came a lot from our surroundings in Montana, at the shop, and pays tribute to classic Harley-Davidsons and board track racing.

Kaes V.

Media and Design

Kaes has been building and selling bikes with Yellowstone Harley-Davidson for over 12 years. A talented photographer, Kaes was key and pulling this bike together and steering the direction of the build with a continuous flow of ideas.

Travis Overstreet


Travis is the engine guy for this build. When we decided to build the first Street 750 with a turbo, we knew that having an expert be able to map and tune the bike would be critical.


Building bikes out of Bozeman, Montana